The Association of Personal Computer User Groups (APCUG) is a worldwide organization that helps groups devoted to the world of technology including computers, tablets, smartphones, digital photography, genealogy, etc

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  • Know How 347 by Hosted by Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ, Patrick Delahanty
    Cayenne - Security on the Cheap!
    Created on 2017-09-26 06:01:07
  • Windows Weekly 536 by Hosted by Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ, Mary Jo Foley, Paul Thurrott
    Mary Jo Loves the Xbox One X
    Created on 2017-09-26 05:58:50
  • The New Screen Savers 123 by Hosted by Jason Howell, Rich DeMuro
    Moms Can: Code
    Created on 2017-09-26 05:54:18


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News Article 1


8 Reasons to Switch from Windows 10 to Linux

by Derrik Diener  January 9th, 2016


Windows 10 has been out in the wild for a while now. For the most part, people have been really liking it. It’s probably the most streamlined version of Microsoft’s operating system to date. Still, some people aren’t happy with the upgrade and are looking at alternatives.

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News Article 2

Researchers May Have Licked Flaming Lithium-Ion Battery Problem

 By Richard Adhikari
Jan 14, 2016 5:00 AM PT

Researchers May Have Licked Flaming Lithium-Ion Battery Problem

Incorporating a polymer switching material into lithium-ion batteries could prevent their overheating due to a process known as "thermal runaway," according to Stanford researchers, whose findings were published this week in Nature. Lithium-ion batteries consist of an anode, a cathode, a separator and a flammable electrolyte. The separator melts when a large amount of heat is generated by overcharging or shorting, ultimately resulting in a thermal runaway. The hoverboards that recently made headlines for exploding or bursting into flames possibly were plagued by low-quality lithium-ion batteries.

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News Article 3

ProPublica Launches News Site on Dark Web

By Richard Adhikari
Jan 12, 2016 7:00 AM PT

ProPublica Launches News Site on Dark Web

ProPublica last week launched what's believed to be the first major news site on the dark Web, according to Wired. ProPublica Launches News Site on Dark Web The site's purpose reportedly is to maximize the privacy of readers. The Tor hidden service goes beyond SSL in that visits to sites are hidden from eavesdroppers and Internet service providers.

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News Article 4

Microsoft Puts Legacy IE Browsers Out to Pasture

By David Jones
Jan 12, 2016 1:48 PM PT

Microsoft puts Legacy IE Browsers out to Pasture

Microsoft on Tuesday ended technical support for the older versions of its legacy Internet Explorer browser, placing at risk millions of users who -- despite extensive warnings -- have not upgraded to the latest version of Internet Explorer or the free install of Windows 10.


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News Article 6

Disney's New Robot Scales Walls…Like Spidey

  Disney Robot

by Elizabeth Palermo, Associate Editor

December 30, 2015 03:21pm ET

If Spider-Man had a robot sidekick, this would be it
A new four-wheeled bot named VertiGo looks like a remote-controlled car that a kid might build. But the little machine can drive vertically, straight up walls.
Researchers at Disney Research Zurich worked together with mechanical engineering students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) to design and build the gravity-defying bot.

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News Article 7

One Small Step for Flying Cars

Concept illustration of the TF-X flying car. Credit: Terrafugia
By Jeremy Hsu

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A drone's flying test may help pave the way for flying cars. In early December, U.S. regulators gave their approval for unmanned hover tests of a miniature flying car model made by the company Terrafugia. Such testing would provide feedback for eve...

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News Article 8

Raspberry Pi's latest computer costs just $5

Raspberry Pi's new educational micro-computer is its cheapest yet -- a pocket-sized device designed to teach kids coding for just $5 (about £3.30 or AU$7).

Katie Collins

by Katie Collins

November 26, 2015

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Rasberry Pi Micro