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Jumbo Privacy


Jumbo Privacy Quentin Maniquet
Jumbo Privacy

Quentin Maniguet gave a presentation on the Jumbo Privacy Application for iOS and Android. Quentin Maniguet is the Product Manager at Jumbo Privacy.

He has collaborated with a few startups in Europe - primarily in the cultural industry - before moving to New York where he started working with Pierre 2 years ago.
His role at Jumbo evolved from software engineer in the early days, when the team was only 5 people, to leading the product development today as we are more than 20.
He is working closely with our 3 engineering teams: iOS / Android and Javascript, as well as design and marketing teams to define product specifications and build new features!

Quentin also included a link to the Jumbo Privacy blog:

Jumbo Privacy Google

Jumbo Privacy Apple

Jumbo Privacy website

Kobold's Keep


Kolbold's Keeps Logo

Kobold's Keep is a small, local business in Etna, PA that sells video games, books, movies and music. They buy and sell old toys, games and collectables.


417 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15223

Hours open:

Monday thru Friday 11:00 am to 7:00 pm


(412) 852-9959

Facebook and Instagram:


Kobold's Keep Building

Creation Labs


Creation Labs

Aaron Hartman, Chief Executive Maker has recently opened a new store front in South Hills Village Mall to signup memberships to his new 3D Maker Community Shop coming soon. All membership levels will be able to take advantage of his 3D equipment, tools, training Courses and camps
to elevate your skills and ideas.
Aaron is an approachable, heart-felt, passionate and dedicated maker who spends all his mindspace on 3D design, engineering challenges, robotic competitions and innovative 3D printing techniques. Call him a geek or better yet, call him to help solve a product development conundrum. Raised in a family of teachers, he’s an excellent trainer and instructor enriching others with new skills, knowledge and understanding to be a better maker.
After dedicating two decades of learning robotics and 3D modeling, in 2014, Aaron founded Bits to Pieces and Steel City 3D Printing. As an engineer and product developer, design and innovation has become second nature. Over the last few years, a number of engineering firms, architects, schools and libraries have relied on Aaron for his expertise, training and 3D printing of 3D models or prototypes.
In 2017, Aaron Hartman pursued his vision to create a neighborhood makerspace offering easy access for creative minds to a maker community with learning expertise. For Aaron, it’s a “fitness club” for the innovative mind and budding inventor. Creation Labs also offers “napkin to product” 3D printing services and printers for engineers, product development and architectural firms.

Creation Labs

Creation Labs

Inside Creation Labs Store



Project Pinball


Project Pinball
Bringing the Joy of Pinball to Children’s Hospitals Across our Nation.
Project Pinball Charity is a non-profit charity organization that places pinball machines in Children’s Hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses to introduce therapeutic benefits to kids.
 Project Pinball
 Our Story
Project Pinball began with the discovery of a broken pinball machine at Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida. The machine, located at The Chrissy Brown Hematology and Oncology Unit was no longer functioning. The pinball community and many local benefactors raised funds and donated time to restore the machine to perfect condition.
This Spiderman Pinball machine, by Stern Pinball, was a memorial gift donated to the hospital in the memory of Jimmy Schneeberger February 17, 1989 – April 13, 2000. It just wasn’t right to see this memorial gift in such disrepair so we decided to change that. During the restoration, a few changes were made to light bulbs and other high use items in the machine so that it would last longer and not damage as easily as it did before. The members and friends of Project Pinball have not only made a commitment to restore the machine but to also keep it on a regular maintenance schedule so that it doesn’t end up in disrepair again.
Pinball machines give the young patients motivation to get back on their feet and it also provides the family members of the patients and the support staff a recreational lift.
“A pinball machine helps keep patients active by motivating them to get back on their feet, and gives family members and hospital staff a recreational lift.”
- Daniel Spolar, founder and senior director


Large Scale Systems Museum



Large Scale Systems Museum
The Large Scale Systems Museum is a public museum in the Pittsburgh area that focuses on minicomputers, mainframes, and supercomputers. Many of the systems are functional and available for demonstration and use.
 Radio Shack TRS80
  The Radio Shack TRS80
 Main Frames
Main Frame Room
The Large Scale Systems Museum is open by appointment; for more information contact the museum via Facebook, or via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Don't be shy; The museum will happily accommodate most any schedule, for individuals or groups. The museum address is 924 4th Avenue, New Kensington, PA 15068.