2020 Past Meetings


Over the past years we have had many good meetings and presentations. This page should give you a good idea what kind of presentations the CPUser Group has given over the years.
Past Presentations
January 2020 - General Meeting

This month was our annual bring in your new Tech Items for show and tell.

Main Presentation:
This months presentation was by Mark Hanley on Android Phone apps.

Beginner Presentation:
There will not be a beginners presentation this month.

Latest tip/gadget/tech news:
Come see and hear about it at the meeting.

 Andriod Phone
February 2020 - General Meeting

Main Presentation:
Mary Bach, Consumer Advocate, AARP Pennsylvania Volunteer Chair, presented a program on “Flim, Flams, Schemes and Scams”. How to avoid scams both online and on the phone.
Mary works tirelessly to help AARP members and the public avoid becoming victims of frauds and scams. She leads AARP’s Consumer Issues Task Force and is a well-respected expert by national, state, and local officials on scams targeting older adults. She has won numerous awards for her tireless work to help older adults prevent frauds and scams.
She is a familiar and regular interview guest on TV and radio, and has appeared on monthly Scam Watch news segments. She is the star of “Outsmarting the Scammers”, her own YouTube series that reviews popular scams and how to prevent them. She has appeared on the Today Show and Good Morning America, among others, and has been quoted in numerous national and international newspapers and magazines.

Other Presentations:
This months presentation was by John Korkowski on Apple iPhone / iPad tips and tricks.

Beginner Presentation:
This months presentation for beginners on Windows 10 Shortcut Keys.

Click here to watch 20 Windows 10 shortcut keys

Click here for print out of 20 Windows 10 shortcut keys

Latest tip/gadget/tech news:
Come see and hear about it at the meeting.


March 2020 - General Meeting

Main Presentation:
Password Managers: "What They Are and Why You Need One". Member John Korkowski talk to us about just what a password manager is and the importance of using one in this age of online uncertainty.

Password Managers

Password Help

Windows 10 Security

Second Presentations:
There was another Android "Tips 'n' Tricks" segment for members who have these type of phones and tablets by member Mark Hanley.

Third Presentations:

Also there was a short video on "Juice Jacking" and how to prevent it when using public charging stations.

Juice Jacking Video

Safe Charging PDF

Beginner Presentation:
There was not be a beginners presentation this month.

Latest tip/gadget/tech news:
Come see and hear about it at the meeting.

Password Managers

Android Phone Tips 

April 2020 - General Meeting

Main Presentation:

SURPRISE! What’s on Your Computer You Didn’t Know About

The presentation explained to viewers about the different kinds of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that may be on their computer that they do not know about. Information such as Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, and other health and financial information.
Viewers were guided through how to determine what information constitutes PII, how it may have gotten on their computers, how to find it, and how to keep it secure in the future.
The presentation featured a live software demo. The software was provided following the presentation.

Presented by: John Cornwell, CIST, CDP

John Cornwell Bio

Click here for presentation



Second Presentation:

This months presentation was by Jon Mazur on Readly app.

Click here for website

Third Presentation:

Digital Estate Planning: What Happens When I Die?

Making technology convenient and secure is a problem we deal with daily. We make trade-offs and use techniques to hopefully strike an appropriate balance. A more difficult dilemma that we rarely think about, however, is death or serious illness or injury. If something were to happen to you, would the people you leave behind be able to access the information they need? What happens to your encrypted data, online accounts, social media, online finances, pictures, and digital-whatever-else if you're not around to access it? Jon Mazur lead us with a short video followed by an online discussion on this very important topic.

Click here for presentation

Click here for video

Fourth Presentation:

Michael Ceschini's presentation On Line Tech Shows to watch while your stuck in Doors was skipped due to time constraints.

Click here for presentation

Final Presentation:

The presentation Hands on with the New XBOX Series X - The world's most power console was presented by Michael Ceschini.

Latest tip/gadget/tech news:

Come see and hear about it at the meeting.

SURPRISE! What’s on Your Computer You Didn’t Know About

Readly Digital Estate Planning

On Line Tech Shows to Watch while your stuck in Doors

Xbox Series X 

May 2020 - SIG Meeting

The following items were talked about at the SIG meeting:

- Key Ring App

- Distrotest.net

- Turn an old smartphone into

  a webcam




- Super Calla Cable

- Pine rock Pro 64

- Jetson Nano Developer Kit

- Odyssey X86 Windows



Jetson Nano Developer Kit 

May 2020 - General Meeting

Main Presentation:

Free and Alternatives to Free Software
Where money doesn’t have to speak and you still want to get quality software. We learned about the many alternative programs that you can get for free to do your computing tasks. Many of these programs are cross-platformed (meaning they have versions for Windows, Macs, and Linux) so it’s easy to share files with just about anyone. John Kennedy from East Central Ohio Technology Users Club presented to us the many FREE alternative programs that you may not know even existed.




Second Presentation:
The second presentation was by John Korkowski  on Apple iPhone / iPad tips and tricks.

Third Presentation:

The third presentation was by John Mazur on Turn an old smartphone into a webcam.


Fourth Presentation:

The third presentation was on NASA's Eyes and The World Wide Telescope by Michael Ceschini. These two programs give you a way for you to learn about your home planet, our solar system, the universe beyond and the spacecraft exploring them.

NASA's Eyes website

NASA's Eyes Video

World Wide Telescope website

World Wide Telescope Video

Latest tip/gadget/tech news:

Charger Super Calla Technology


June 2020 - General Meeting

Main Presentation:

The Main presentation was on the software called Jumbo Privacy. Quentin Maniguet gave a presentation on the Jumbo Privacy Application for iOS and Android. Quentin Maniguet is the Product Manager at Jumbo Privacy.

He has collaborated with a few startups in Europe - primarily in the cultural industry - before moving to New York where he started working with Pierre 2 years ago.
His role at Jumbo evolved from software engineer in the early days, when the team was only 5 people, to leading the product development today as we are more than 20.
He is working closely with our 3 engineering teams: iOS / Android and Javascript, as well as design and marketing teams to define product specifications and build new features!

Quentin also included a link to the Jumbo Privacy blog: https://blog.jumboprivacy.com

Jumbo Privacy Google

Jumbo Privacy Apple

Second Presentation:

There was a presentation on "When to use Raster vs vector graphics".

Vector vs Raster Graphics

When to use Raster vs vector graphics

Raster and Vector Programs

Third Presentation:

Easily Install Windows 10 On The Raspberry Pi 4 Or Raspberry Pi 3! Real Windows 10 On ARM!

Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi link 1

Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi link 2

Latest tip/gadget/tech news:

Zoom info & links

Quick Reference Guides


Search Engines 1

Search Engines 2

Internet Archive 


 Quentin Maniguet

Summer Break
July 2, 2020 - SIG Meeting

The following items were talked about at the SIG meeting:

- W10 demo running on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (Jon)

Use your digital DSLR as a webcam (Jon)

The Extreme Physics Pushing Moore’s Law (chip creation) to the Next Level (Mike)

Gadgets website (mike)

Raspberry Pi Homelab Security (John Cornwell)

Microsoft Launches Windows File Recovery App (Jon)

 - My Sudo (Jon)

Sparkosoft (Jon) 

July 22, 2020 - SIG Meeting

The following items were talked about at the SIG meeting:

Akita home network security device ---(John Cornwell).

Homelab Security with Grafana, Promethius, Etc. ---(John Cornwell).

Home Alarm Report --- (Ron Kazor).

What's new in iOS 13.6 ---(John Cornwell).

Raspberry Pi 4 8gb 64-bit computer now available --- (Jon Mazur).

Raspberry Pi continues to sell well around the world --- (Jon Mazur).

15 Great uses for a Raspberry Pi --- (Jon Mazur).

Raspberry Pi Comparison Chart --- (Jon Mazur).

Raspberry Pi Newbie video --- (Jon Mazur).

Air Omni 6-in-1 Charger --- (Jon Mazur).

How to repair an Xbox One Joystick --- ( Michael Ceschini).

August 4, 2020 - SIG Meeting

Sengled Bluetooth LED light and speaker.

ACEPC AK1 Mini PC, Windows 10 Pro.

Chuwi larkbox - World's smallest 4K mini PC.

ODROID-GO Advance DIY Kit.

Hard Kernel website.

PC Part Picker website.

August 18th, 2020-SIG Meeting

- 10 FREE PROGRAMS That Should Be On EVERY PC! 2020.

- Vivaldi browser.

- ShareX - Open Source Windows Screen Capture Tool.

-Apple says don't use a webcam cover on your laptop and here's why.

-How Does the Raspberry Pi compare to Computers of the Past.

- How to remove Youtube ads.

- New Microsoft Surface Duo android phone.

 Summer Break 
September 1st, 2020 - SIG Meeting 

-GLi.net mango mini smart router is great to take on vacation.
It is a 300Mbs wireless router, which is VPN compatible. ---(John Cornwell).

- The Powerful Admin Utility is called DISM++ ---(John Cornwell).

- Tab Suspender for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge ---(John Cornwell).

- Raspberry Pi 4 Tablet - RasPad 3 First Look ---(Michael Ceschini).

- 3.3-inch 1080p Raspberry Pi Touch Screen Case from KKSB ---(Michael Ceschini).

- Tweaking.com - Windows Repair 4.9.0. ---(Jon Mazur).

- www.majorgeeks.com ---(Jon Mazur).

- Zoom tools to transcribe audio into text ---(Jon Mazur).

- Get That OSX Look On The Pi ApplePiOS For The Raspberry Pi 4 ---(Jon Mazur).

September 2020 - General Meeting

Main Presentation:

New Microsoft Surface Duo android phone by Michael Ceschini.


Second Presentation:

Warby Parker AI Glasses App  by John Cornwell.


Third Presentation:

General tips and tricks for IOS 13 by John Cornwell.

iOS 13 - 30+ Best Hidden Features!

30 Amazing Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS.


Final Presentation:

A Guardian Angel in Your Pocket: 8 Smartphone Apps to make life safer by Jon Mazur.


Latest tip/gadget/tech news:

- Free Wi-Fi QR Code Generator.

- XULONG One Netbook Laptops, One Gx1 7 Inch Portable Game Book i5 Tenth Generation.

- XULONG Price.

- Polymega Review.

 Microsoft Surface Duo
October 2020 - General Meeting
November 2020 - General Meeting
December 2020 - General Meeting
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