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    Cayenne - Security on the Cheap!
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  • Windows Weekly 536 by Hosted by Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ, Mary Jo Foley, Paul Thurrott
    Mary Jo Loves the Xbox One X
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    Moms Can: Code
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2018 Past Meetings


Over the past years we have had many good meetings and presentations. This page should give you a good idea what kind of presentations the CPUser Group has given over the years.                                                             


Date Presentations  Photos
January 2018

Main Presentation:

Main Presentation

The main presentation was the "Tech Toys and Gadgets Showcase" which is where members can bring in their electronic toys and gadgets they got for Christmas. This will give members a chance to see some of the new electronic items out this past year.

Second Presentation

There was a Demo on the "Clazio Smart Speaker" by Jon Mazur. This speaker is the first one to have both Amazon and Google smart assistants built-in to the device.

Click here for Clazio website.

Also there will be a number of tech related videos.

Technology Video.

Beginners presentation:

The beginners presentation was on "What are Icons and how can you make your own".




February 2018 Presentations:

Main Presentation

There was a presentation on the Meltdown and Spectre chip security flaws in the Intel and AMD microprocessors

Inspectre Program

Inspectre Article 1

Inspectre Article 2

Second Presentation

There was another round of Tech Trivia with James Waltenbaugh winning free dues for 2019.

The Tech Trivia Quiz Show was created using the website below.


Beginners Presentation:

The beginners presentation was on "The Command Prompt and how it can help you fix your machine." Learn how to use one line commands to fix your machine.

The Command Prompt Presentation

List of Command Prompt Commands

Latest tip/gadget/tech news:

There was a presentation on how to identify drugs using the website below.


We showed a new Monoprice 3D Printer that we will be giving away at the June meeting.



Tech Trivia

 Command Prompt

March 2018 Presentations:

Main Presentation

Jon Mazur did a presentation on Monoprice's New MP Mini Delta 3D Printer.

MP Mini Delta 3D Printer

MP Mini Delta 3D Printer Presentation

Second Presentation

Greg Wall did a presentation on Audio-Technica's LP-to-digital recording system.

Audio-Technica's LP-to-digital recording system

Audacity website

Audacity manual

Copy Trans Manager (iTunes alternative)

Beginners Presentation:

Their was not enough time for the Beginners presentation.


Monoprice 3D Printer

Lp to Digital recording System

April 2018 Presentations:

Main Presentation

Main Presentation was by Aaron Hartman, Chief Executive Maker showed us all about the latest and greatest happenings in the 3D printing world.
Aaron is an approachable, heart-felt, passionate and dedicated maker who spends all his mindspace on 3D design, engineering challenges, robotic competitions and innovative 3D printing techniques. Call him a geek or better yet, call him to help solve a product development conundrum. Raised in a family of teachers, he’s an excellent trainer and instructor enriching others with new skills, knowledge and understanding to be a better maker.
After dedicating two decades of learning robotics and 3D modeling, in 2014, Aaron founded Bits to Pieces and Steel City 3D Printing. As an engineer and product developer, design and innovation has become second nature. Over the last few years, a number of engineering firms, architects, schools and libraries have relied on Aaron for his expertise, training and 3D printing of 3D models or prototypes.
In 2017, Aaron Hartman pursued his vision to create a neighborhood makerspace offering easy access for creative minds to a maker community with learning expertise. For Aaron, it’s a “fitness club” for the innovative mind and budding inventor. Creation Labs also offers “napkin to product” 3D printing services and printers for engineers, product development and architectural firms.



Presentation 2

There was a presentation on a $20 Security Camera called the Wyze Cam. This Camera is a low priced camera that can detect home invasion and firers from your cell phone.

Wyze Cam Website

Beginners Presentation:

Their was not enough time for the Beginners presentation.

 Creation Labs

Creation labs

Wyzes Cam

May 2018


Main Presentation

There was a presentation by Jon Mazur on "Say it ain’t so! Alexa comes to your car!" This live (sort of) demo shows this amazing new product for your vehicle that brings the Amazon home assistant on the road with you.

Beginners Presentation:

The beginners presentation was on "What is the Bios and the Windows Registry."

Latest tip/gadget/tech news:

There was a presentation on RansomFree by Cyber Reason.


Windows Registry

June 2018 Presentations:

Main Presentation

Mr. Graig Marx, Science Department Chair at Winchester Thurston School came back and gave a presentation on cutting edge 3D printing. Graig show us new advances in 3D printing as well as a program for schools starting their 3D printer programs called Design to Make a Difference.

Design to Make a Difference

Other Presentations

Michael Ceschini gave a presentation on LMMS.

Website: LMMS

Beginners Presentation:

There was no beginners presentation.

Latest tip/gadget/tech news:

There was a discussion on how RansomFree by Cyber Reason works.

Mr Graig Marx 3D printers


   Summer Break  
September 2018


Main Presentation

Schell Games is the largest full-service education and entertainment game development company in the United States. Since 2002, they have worked to create interactive experiences on every platform to enrich the lives of players of all ages. Projects in there award-winning portfolio range from mobile, desktop, and virtual reality games to interactive installations and theme park attractions... and everything in between. Schell Games gave an excellent presentation on virtual reality and let all of the members try out their HoloLab virtual reality game.

Website: https://www.schellgames.com/

Sample game: Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

Beginners Presentation:

There was no presentation.

Latest tip/gadget/tech news:

There was no tips/gadgets or tech news.

 Schell Games Employees

HoloLab Game 

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges  

October 2018  


November 2018  


December 2018    


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