The Association of Personal Computer User Groups (APCUG) is a worldwide organization that helps groups devoted to the world of technology including computers, tablets, smartphones, digital photography, genealogy, etc

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Podcast Listing

  • Know How 347 by Hosted by Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ, Patrick Delahanty
    Cayenne - Security on the Cheap!
    Created on 2017-09-26 06:01:07
  • Windows Weekly 536 by Hosted by Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ, Mary Jo Foley, Paul Thurrott
    Mary Jo Loves the Xbox One X
    Created on 2017-09-26 05:58:50
  • The New Screen Savers 123 by Hosted by Jason Howell, Rich DeMuro
    Moms Can: Code
    Created on 2017-09-26 05:54:18





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Meeting every second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm except for July and August

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Pittsburgh Retro Gaming Convention

The Pittsburgh Retro Gaming Convention is coming to Pittsburgh on April 21st and 22nd. Click the above picture for more info and to purchase tickets. 

The CPUG Newsletter is finally finished. Click here to go to our Newsletter.

This is our first Newsletter in may years. In this newsletter you can read about how our club was started and many other articles.

CPUG Newsletter

What is happening at the next meeting:

March 13, 2018



Main Presentation

Your Neighborhood Makerspace
There are constant improvements to techniques and 3D printing equipment. Come hear and see as Aaron Hartman, Chief Executive Maker shows and tells us about the latest and greatest happenings in the 3D printing world.
Aaron is an approachable, heart-felt, passionate and dedicated maker who spends all his mindspace on 3D design, engineering challenges, robotic competitions and innovative 3D printing techniques. Call him a geek or better yet, call him to help solve a product development conundrum. Raised in a family of teachers, he’s an excellent trainer and instructor enriching others with new skills, knowledge and understanding to be a better maker.
After dedicating two decades of learning robotics and 3D modeling, in 2014, Aaron founded Bits to Pieces and Steel City 3D Printing. As an engineer and product developer, design and innovation has become second nature. Over the last few years, a number of engineering firms, architects, schools and libraries have relied on Aaron for his expertise, training and 3D printing of 3D models or prototypes.
In 2017, Aaron Hartman pursued his vision to create a neighborhood makerspace offering easy access for creative minds to a maker community with learning expertise. For Aaron, it’s a “fitness club” for the innovative mind and budding inventor. Creation Labs also offers “napkin to product” 3D printing services and printers for engineers, product development and architectural firms.


Beginners Presentation:

The beginners presentation will be on "What is the Bios and the Windows Registry."

Latest tip/gadget/tech news:

Come see and hear about it at the meeting.

 Creation Labs

Creation Labs Maker Faire



Windows Registry 


What happened at the last meeting:

February 13, 2018



Main Presentation

There was a presentation on the Meltdown and Spectre chip security flaws in the Intel and AMD microprocessors

Inspectre Program

Inspectre Article 1

Inspectre Article 2

Second Presentation

There was another round of Tech Trivia with James Waltenbaugh winning free dues for 2019.

The Tech Trivia Quiz Show was created using the website below.


Beginners Presentation:

The beginners presentation was on "The Command Prompt and how it can help you fix your machine." Learn how to use one line commands to fix your machine.

The Command Prompt Presentation

List of Command Prompt Commands

Latest tip/gadget/tech news:

There was a presentation on how to identify drugs using the website below.


We showed a new Monoprice 3D Printer that we will be giving away at the June meeting.




Tech Trivia 

 Command Prompt 


Past Raffle Winner:

Raffle Winner

The winner of the raffle for December was John Korkowski. He walked away with a 3D Printer.

What happened at our past meetings:


Click the button below to see what we have done at past meeting. Also, you will find Links, documents, movies, and much more from our presentations.


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What we offer:


 - Two presentations per meeting
 - Library of over 200 books
 - Hardware and software raffles
 - Increased learning
 - Technical assistance
 - Special Interest G
roup meetings
 - Free WiFi access
 - Free and open source software
 - Comradery and friendship
 - Free food and coffee

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 CPUG Meeting

Click here for photos from our past meetings:


Click the button below to see our photo Gallery. This is where we show pictures of our meetings and members can post their own photos.


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CPUser Group SIG (Special Interest Group) Meeting:


 Join our club so you can come to our SIG (Special Interest Group) meetings. Our SIG meetings are held the first Tuesday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm every month except for July and August.

These meetings have topics like:

*Digital Photography
*All Things Apple
*Advanced Hardware and Programming
*Operating Systems help


Click here for more information on our SIG meetings


Click here to find out how to join our club:


Click here to find out how to join our club


Mike and Jon had the privilege of being interviewed on Saturday Light Brigade Radio while attending the Maker Faire event. Click on the picture to the right or the link below to listen to our interview.

- Jon and Mike's interview

- SLB Radio show website